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Texas Beacon of Light Outreach CASE ASI Summative Report

Texas Beacon of Light Outreach Gets Students Moving

During the 2010 summer while most students were lounging watching tv, Jane Long students were moving and getting in shape while involved in the Texas Beacon of Light Outreach’s Fitness Fun Camp sponsored by a grant through a partnership with the Houston Endowment, Harris County Department of Education, and Cooperative for After school Enrichment. The CASE ASI Residency Summer 2010 funding allowed the Jane Long campus to enrich summer program hours by adding a hands-on, engaging, music production class and a fun fitness class to their curriculum. Jane Long students were able to build and develop academic skills in an area in which Jane Long students have historically struggled, as well as engage in a fitness program during a time – summer- when students are most vulnerable to not engage in healthy fitness activities.

Texas Beacon of Light Outreach delivered Music Production and Fitness classes to Jane Long Middle School June 1st – June 25th to sixty-two students. Over the course of the summer, students were engaged in HIGH impact, fun-filled classes exposing students to the following:

  • Basic music terms

  • Interpreting Music and developing a story line

  • Music Production

  • How to interpret Music

  • Working as a Production Team

  • Writing lyrics

  • Team building

  • Cooperative fitness games

  • Engaging fitness activities

Successes included consistent attendance, genuine enthusiasm and the ability to work as a team to complete a given task. Students came to each class ready to learn. At the beginning of each class students were given the opportunity to review and discuss what they learned during the last session. Students retained information and built on prior knowledge. As the class progressed, students began and ended each day with a music production team meeting. Students were assigned roles such as: CEO, producer, artist and writer.

Together, in teams students accomplished different musical tasks, such as choosing music tracks, developing and writing lyrics, directing an on stage video and other day to day tasks. Students accomplished their task by creating three original music pieces. Musical pieces written by the students promoted youth and families moving in their communities. Fitness classes enhanced program quality by promoting fitness FUN. Fitness fun incorporated unique ways to get moving and maintain a healthy lifestyle through FUN fitness activities. Both classes incorporated best practice team building activities, enhancing the program with a family feel.

The summer program concluded with a Family Fitness culminating event which brought together local community members and the families of the students involved in the after school program. Activities promoted family fitness fun and included demonstrations by students, as well as three student performances. Music production students performed their three songs produced during the program promoting fitness and youth getting moving.

Local community partners attended to speak with families and distribute information. Partners included ECHOS community and health center, Smoothie Factory and a local fitness center. Healthy snacks were served to all attendees and complimentary smoothie coupons were donated by the Smoothie Factory. After light snacks were served families engaged in fun fitness activities led by our students. Seventy-four students, parents, partners and staff attended our Family Fitness Day.

CASE After School Initiative is funded in part by Houston Endowment, Inc.

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